Spotless Glass Cleaner, Designed to remove the most stubborn glass contamination like Vape Residue & greasy finger marks in seconds!


Could spotless be the best glass cleaner ever? Surely thats a bold statement, but in reality this is the feedback we have been getting on Spotless. A low H20 content alcohol based cleaner with specialist surfactants make this simply fantastic inside and out. Buy some, You wont regret it. 


Available in 500ml or 5ltr.

Infinity Wax Spotless Glass Cleaner

  • Apply Spotless directly to your vehicles glass by misting a fine amount over each window. Avoid over saturating the glass as the product may run onto other parts of the vehicle. Remove using a glass microfiber or strong absorbent paper towel in straight line sweeps over the glass. Finish by removing any residues with a dry lint free microfiber towel. Removal of vape residue: Spray Spotless onto a plush, lint free microfiber towel and wiper over the effected area until completely saturated. Wait 60 seconds and begin removal using a glass microfiber or absorbent paper towel until glass is clear.

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