QDX is a creation that must be used to be appreciated, if you have used our rapid detailer then you will know how well that performs. Its ease of use is like nothing else on the market. Take that same base formula, and blend in a water-bourne ceramic and you get the picture. An extended durability of up to 6 months or more is now common place from QDX with an added gloss enhancer making this product suitable as a sealant, as easy to use as a QD and a perfectly good alternative to waxing all together with many people opting to use only QDx for their last stage protection.


Available in 500ml or 5ltr.

Infinity Wax QDX Ceramic Detailer

  • Apply QDX to clean dry paintwork only, we recommend fully decontaminating your paint before application including removal of any previous waxes. Spray QDX lightly on 1 panel at a time and spread using a soft foam pad or ceramic application sponge. Allow 3-10 minutes to cure before removal with a clean dry microfiber towel. Do not apply QDX in direct sunlight or allow to dry on your vehicle, adjust curing time to suit your environment and monitor your work area closely. QDX can also be sprayed and wiped clear using a microfiber towel like a conventional Rapid Detailer spray with a reduced durability using this method.

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