'Pro Choice' ORACLE. The triphasic structure of the Oracle has a thermoset phase with superior strength and performs major mechanical and structural function.

A "self-healing" phase of ultra-fine healing agents (nano scale) is embedded in the components like a matrix to repair the surface and restore its mechanical and structural integrity after being damaged.

The separated morphology is achieved through periodic detachment via a reaction process. Unlike other coatings that claim " Self Healing " that simply work off a reflow effect and the same spot if damaged can not be repaired twice and often lack performance as the induced resin dries up. The Oracle can be healed with hot water and or heat, it is hand applied and Oracle Self Healing Coating can truly guarantee a 5 year performance.

Mayvinci Oracle can only be applied by Specialist Mayvinci dealer.



AYANMO is Mayvinci's flagship product, a permanent glass ceramic coating that offers protection against external influences.

By insulating the surface from the air, it inhibits the process of oxidation, counteracting loss of shine and dullness.

The molecular morphology gives the coating its hardness, scratch-resistant properties and elasticity, resulting in a major aesthetic advantage that leaves the competition far behind.

Thanks to a unique component of the Ayanmo product, the coating is effective at lower surface energy which means that oil, water and dust (environmental dirt) are repelled.

This exceptional coating is characterised by a superb deep shine and sparkling effect.

Using accurate optical measuring equipment, Ayanmo displays 92 GU (Gloss Units) at an angle of 20 degrees and 97 GU at an angle of 60 degrees, the highest reading for a nano ceramic glass coating to date. The adhesion of dirt is significantly reduced and your vehicle will stay cleaner for longer.

Mayvinci Ayanmo can only be applied by a Specialist Mayvinci dealer.


This coating represents a breakthrough in ceramic Si02 chemistry that will give your car optimum protection against external influences.

C16 provides painted surfaces with a matrix membrane that bonds firmly to the base layer, as a result, water and dirt will barely adhere.

The clarity of C16 represents a huge boost in terms of shine and protection for your vehicle, the product makes washing and cleaning much easier and quicker.

Mayvinci C16 can only be applied by a Specialist Mayvinci dealer.


MK4 consists of Si02-bonded nanoparticles and is chemically inert.

The nano coating makes the car's paintwork more durable and resistant to the impact of chemicals, all kinds of weather conditions, UV, moisture and grime, and provides greater scratch-resistance than most clear coatings.

This coating is characterised by maximum wax-like shine and a sparkling effect.

Mayvinci MK4 can only be applied by a Specialist Mayvinci dealer.


Wheel Guard provides a unique bond with automotive wheels.

Thanks to the breakthrough in the combination of organic and inorganic Si02, the coating is capable of repelling dust and road grime.

The product is resistant to very high temperatures, eliminating contact with brake dust and giving your rims optimum protection.

The dirt-repellent effect also means they are easy to clean.

Wheel Guard is the most advanced rim coating on the market and an absolute must in order to protect and maintain your precious wheels.

Mayvinci Wheel Guard can only be applied by a specialist Mayvinci dealer.


Overcoat is a temporary coating that provides a microscopic, ceramic-like matrix of Si02 protection to repel oxidising elements and at the same time seal in the deep gloss shine of the Mayvinci coating.

The overcoat is applied in order to protect the newly applied base coat until it is completely cured.

This product is used in combination with Mayvinci MK4, Mayvinci C16 and Mayvinci Ayanmo.

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